Boris Johnson faces down Tory rebels as Parliament votes on new Tier system


BORIS Johnson is today facing down Tory rebels in Parliament as MPs are set to vote on the new Tier system tonight.

The PM is opening the debate in the House of Commons this lunchtime as he desperately tries to woo his backbenchers to back his plan.

Boris Johnson will try to win over his Tory backbenchers this lunchtime
The PM is under pressure to rein in MPs to back his plan

The PM is facing a sizeable rebellion over the Tiers plans

Government sources have suggested that the rebellion could be as high as three figures.

But MPs slapped down the suggestion – saying it was likely to be as low as a third of that.

Meanwhile, MPs have been holding discussions with the Health Secretary and others, who are furious about being put into higher tiers than they feel they deserve.

This morning John Penrose shared a letter from the Health Secretary suggesting that the regions may be able to be carved up into smaller bits than before.

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