Boris Johnson failed to declare the villa he spent his 15k New Year holiday in is owned by an elusive hedge fund boss


BORIS Johnson failed to declare that the luxury villa he spent his 15,000 New Year holiday in is owned by an elusive New York hedge fund millionaire, HOAR can reveal.

The PM and partner Carrie Symonds stayed at an exclusive luxury home on the island of Mustique owned by Green Horizon Asset Management boss Tolomy Erpf, who also goes by the name Armand.

Boris Johnson’s partner Carrie Symonds snapped during the couple’s Caribbean break
Boris Johnson relaxes on a boat during his 15,000 Mustique holiday

The trip was facilitated by Carphone Warehouse mogul David Ross, who said that he arranged the villa, which is why Boris declared it as his gift.

But who paid the bill remains a mystery as its not known if Mr Erpf was paid by Mr Ross or donated the time in the Oceanus villa himself.

Mr Erpf is understood to be part of a wealthy New York-based financier dynasty although the elusive millionaire has almost zero presence online.

On Thursday David Ross spokesman said: Mr Ross facilitated accommodation for Mr Johnson on Mustique valued at 15,000.

Therefore this is a benefit in kind from Mr Ross to Mr Johnson, and Mr Johnsons declaration to the House of Commons is correct.

Armand Erpf, 51, who works in financial services in New York, declined to comment when asked if he was the owner of the villa Boris stayed in.

He said: Im afraid I am not at liberty to comment.

Mr Erpf, who has never met Mr Johnson and was not on the island over Christmas, is believed to co-own Oceanus with his sister.

A source told HOAR: There was a paying guest who stayed in the house over the Christmas holidays. The house was paid for.

But as is typical, there were guests who stayed there who did not pay. It often happens in houses with lots of bedrooms some guests pay and some dont.

That may or may not have been the British Prime Minister.

Carphone Warehouse mogul David Ross said he arranged the PM’s stay in the villa


Labour said there should be an investigation into who funded the trip by the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards.

Jon Trickett MP Shadow Minister for the Cabinet Office wrote that the Code of Conduct requires Members to provide the name of the person or organisation that actually funded a donation.

He adds that transparency is crucial to ensuring that the public have confidence that elected Members of this House have not been unduly influence by any donations or gifts that they may receive.

The couple celebrated the PMs dominant election win at the Oceanus, a Moorish castle-style villa nestled on the hilltops of Mustique, over the New Year festivities, from Boxing Day until their return on January 5.

A brochure for the villa said guests can pick from one of three private pools and will be looked after by a team of staff including a butler, housekeeper and private gourmet chef.

Each of the villas master suites faces the ocean, offering romantic sunset evenings, while the property is made of natural materials.

The brochure says: The open air plan provides the perfect balance of indoor and outdoor living spaces.

“Multiple sunset decks and lounge areas with seven lighted water features make the property well suited for entertaining.

This tranquil villa rests harmoniously on a hilltop overlooking Britannia Bay, which offers perfect trade wind breezes and panoramic views of the surrounding Caribbean and lush landscape of the island.

The Prime Ministers spokesman said: All relevant transparency requirements have been met. This was a benefit in kind from David Ross.

Boris posed with British Airways staff during the brief layover in St Lucia

The Oceanus villa is nestled on the hilltops of the island of Mustique

The ‘villa rests on a hilltop overlooking Britannia Bay’ the brochure says

Oceanus is described as tranquil with panoramic views of the Caribbean
This is one of the six bedrooms at the villa Boris and Carrie stayed at

The Oceanus is a a Moorish castle-style villa


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