Boris Johnson launches bold pitch to win over Labour voters as he unveils plans to buy British after Brexit


BORIS Johnson launched a bold pitch to win over Labour voters as he unveiled plans to revamp state aid rules and promote buying British after Brexit.

The PM took the fight to Jeremy Corbyn with a left-wing package of reforms that would allow ministers to intervene rapidly to save failing companies.

BoJo launched a bold pitch to win over Labour voters, unveiling plans to promote buying British after Brexit

But EU officials warned the move would put No10 on a collision course with Brussels which will demand strong alignment in any trade deal.

And it sparked a backlash from free market Tory think-tanks, which accused Mr Johnson of Trumpian protectionism.

The PM made the announcement alongside former Labour MP Gisela Stuart, who announced she will be voting Tory to get Brexit done.

He said: The ramifications of EU state aid rules are felt everywhere.

What we will be able to do is be more flexible, be more pragmatic, but also maintain a level playing field.

The PM said Brussels rules made it harder for the UK to develop wind turbine technology and were preventing schools and councils charging for bus services.

Mr Johnson also announced a move to revamp public procurement rules so government departments and local councils buy British more.




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