Boris Johnson pledges 5,000 per pupil to every secondary school in England under new law


BORIS Johnson last night announced a new law to guarantee every secondary school in England will receive at least 5,000 per pupil.

Primary schools will be guaranteed at least 4,000 per pupil from 2021/22 as part of the 14billion bumper package as part of the PMs pledge to put younger generations front and centre of his agenda.

Schools in England are in for a 14billion boon as part of the PM’s plan to invest in youth

Local authorities will now be required by law to make sure every school receives the full amount of the minimum levels of funding pledged for each pupil.

The move will see every secondary school guaranteed at least 5,000 per pupil next year.

Every primary school will be guaranteed at least 3,750 per pupil next year, which will rise to 4,000 the following year.

Mr Johnson said last night: Levelling up education is the key to helping every child reach their full potential.

Were guaranteeing the minimum level of funding for every pupil in every school so that, with a top class education, our children can go on to become the worlds future innovators, trailblazers and pioneers.

As we start a new chapter in our history, our younger generations will be front and centre of all that we do.

But Labours Shadow Education Secretary Angela Rayner blasted: This funding will still not reverse years of Tory cuts to our schools. Even after this funding is in place, our schools will be hundreds of millions of pounds worse off than they were in 2010.

It is time for the government to match Labours commitment to young people and give all our schools the resources they need by reversing their school cuts in full.


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