Boris Johnson reveals 74 others like Usman Khan released before the end of their sentences and blames Labour


SEVENTY-four other people have been released early from similar sentences to that of the London Bridge attacker, Usman Khan, Boris Johnson revealed.

The Prime Minister today blamed Labour for the terrorist being allowed out before his prison sentence was over.

Boris Johnson said there were 74 other similar cases where terrorists were released before the ends of their sentences

And he said an urgent review of their licence conditions would now take place, following Friday’s sickening attack, where the attacker was shot by police after stabbing two people to death.

Boris told Andrew Marr this morning: “they are being properly invigilated to ensure there is no threat to the public, and we took that action immediately”.

He said it was “ridiculous and repulsive” that someone as dangerous as him only got eight years behind bars.

Mr Khan was jailed in 2012 for terror offences under an Imprisonment for Public Protection sentence (IPP) which allowed him to be held indefinitely until the Parole Board decided he was no longer a threat to the public.

Under the Coalition Government, those such systems were replaced with extended sentences – which carry a minimum term to ensure cases are reviewed.

Mr Khan then successfully appealled his IPP sentence and was given 16 years in 2013 – of which he served eight and was released in December 2018.

But the Parole Board said they did not review Mr Khan’s case and were not involved.

Boris promised last night to make sure that anyone convicted of terrorism serves all of their sentence – or at least 14 years.

“I’m going to take steps to make sure that people are not released early when they commit… serious sexual, violent or terrorist offences,” he insisted today.

He revealed too that Mr Khan would have had licence conditions as part of his release from prison – such as restrictions on his mobile phone and internet access.



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