Boris Johnson reveals he wants a bike for Christmas but admits hell have to buy it himself


BORIS Johnson has revealed he wants a bike for Christmas – but admitted he’ll have to buy it himself.

He famously cycled his Chris Boardman bike to work every day when he was Mayor of London but had to give up riding in public when he became Foreign Secretary and then PM because of security precautions.

Boris Johnson famously cycled to work every day when he was Mayor of London

Quizzed by friends what he would like for Christmas, the PM said: “Id like a new bicycle, but Ill have to buy it myself.”

He also admitted he has been too busy to buy his pet puppy Dilyn a Chrimbo present.

But he promised he would buy his closest aide Dominic Cummings a gift.

Mr Johnson laid bare his love of cycling during the Tory leadership race in July – revealing the last time he cried was when his Chris Boardman bike was stolen.

Speaking in the Sun’s leadership debate he admitted “shedding a tear” on discovering the bike he had owned during his eight years in City Hall had gone.

He said: “It was never nicked in all my time in the city, I rode it everywhere.

“Barely had Sadiq Khan’s reign begun and it was nicked.”

Shortly after Theresa May named him her Foreign Secretary in 2016 Mr Johnson revealed he had been banned from cycling in public because of the security restrictions that go with the job.

He said cycling around the capital would have involved a “convoy of police cyclists, plus cars, plus God knows what” so gave up his cycling hobby.



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