Boris Johnson surges to 17-point election lead over Jeremy Corbyn in latest poll after pledging immigration crackdown


BORIS Johnson has increased his lead over Jeremy Corbyn by 17 points in the latest polls ahead of the General Election.

The Tories are soaring ahead after the Prime Minister revealed they will crack down on immigration.

Boris Johnson is seeing his lead increase in the polls ahead of the General Election

Jeremy Corbyn hasn’t seen quite the same level of confidence in his prospective voters

It comes after Labour had internal bust-ups over their own immigration policy, with crunch talks held yesterday to hammer out their manifesto.

And now YouGov’s latest poll, taken at the end of last week, found 48 per cent of people quizzed are intending to back Mr Johnson, with only 28 per cent trusting Jeremy Corbyn to take the helm.

Tories have pledged to cut immigration “overall” after announcing a range of measures to “take back control”, with immigrants required to contribute on “day one”.

The Sunday Times reports migrants would have to pay 625 on arrival to cover the costs of any NHS care, regardless if they use it or not.

Currently EU migrants don’t have to pay a surcharge upon entry, and those who travel in from outside the EU pay 400.

Mr Johnson also said if the Tories retain power on December 12, the majority of migrants will need a job offer to come to the UK to work.

He said: “As we come out of the EU we have a new opportunity for fairness and to make sure all those who come here are treated the same.

“We will make our immigration system equal – whilst at the same time ensuring our fantastic public services, like the NHS, are all properly funded.

“A majority Conservative government will ensure that people who come to our great country from anywhere in the world have both a job to come to, and make a contribution to our NHS – so that we can protect and improve the public services we all benefit from.”

On Thursday, Mr Johnson said the Conservatives’ promised points-based immigration system “may” mean the numbers come down “in some sectors”.

And Home Secretary Priti Patel has also said a Tory government would “reduce immigration overall”.

Three surveys by YouGov, Deltapoll and Opinium have all given the Tories leads big enough for a comfortable majority.

The poll results came as Mr Corbyn said he had secured the “unanimous agreement” of senior Labour figures regarding the details of his party’s manifesto.

The document – expected to be launched on Thursday – was being billed as “more radical” than the manifesto campaigned on in the 2017 election.

But despite his jubilation at the manifesto success, the Labour leader could be set for a landslide defeat, an ex-pollster expert said yesterday.

Peter Kellner, ex president of YouGov, believes voters think he is too incompetent to run the country.

Mr Johnson revealed last night that every single Tory candidate has vowed to vote for his Brexit deal if he wins a majority vote at the General Election.

The Prime Minister said this pledge means that voters can be 100 percent certain that a Conservative government will unblock Parliament and deliver Brexit.


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