Boris Johnson tells Brits to expect a happy & lockdown-free Christmas


BORIS Johnson has told Brits a happy, lockdown-free Christmas is definitely on the cards.

The PM yesterday said he could see no evidence of a need to take any action to spoil festivities this year.

Last year the PM cancelled Christmas on December 19
The PM said he could see no evidence of a need to take any action to spoil festivities this year

And he insisted ministers and scientific and medical advisers could not foresee any last-minute event which would force him to keep loved ones apart.

Last year, Mr Johnson all but cancelled Christmas on December 19 amid fears a highly contagious new Covid variant would overwhelm hospitals.

But he is sure there is no such concern this year.

He said: “We’re watching the numbers every day. Yes it’s true that cases are high, but they do not currently constitute any reason to go to Plan B.

“I think it’s agreed among absolutely everybody — apart from possibly the Labour Party — so we’re sticking with the plan. I think rather than thinking of new restrictions, the best thing everybody can do is get that booster jab as soon as you’re offered it.”

The positive news came as it was announced thousands of secondary school pupils will be offered Covid jabs when they return to class this week.

NHS teams will visit 800 schools in the next few days to give 12 to 15-year-olds the chance to be vaccinated.

The number of new Covid cases recorded yesterday stood at 41,278 — 3,617 fewer than last Saturday.

There were also 166 more deaths recorded.

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