Boris Johnson to hold first Cabinet meeting since power grab saw Sajid Javid ousted in explosive Downing Street bust-up


BORIS Johnson will today hold his first Cabinet meeting since the shocking power grab that saw Sajid Javid storm out in an explosive Downing Street bust-up.

Mr Javid, Britain’s first Asian Chancellor, walked after the prime minister demanded he fire all of his advisers.

Sajid Javid laid into the PM while speaking outside his home

The moves comes as the Prime Minister and his chief of staff Dominic Cummings stamp their authority on the party, wielding the axe for all and any dissenters.

Mr Javid was said to be furious after some in Downing Street gave him the mocking nickname “Chino”, meaning Chancellor In Name Only.

He was one of several huge casualties from a bloody day in Westminster, with Andrea Leasom, Geoffrey Cox, Esther Mcvey and Julian Smith all booted out of the PMs inner circle.

Both women, along with Mr Javid, had faced up the PM in the Tory leadership contest last year.

Mr Javid was yesterday replaced by Rishi Sunak, 39, an up and coming member of the Treasury who was seen arriving at Downing Street moments after the shock announcement.

Other newcomers include Suella Braverman, who has been named Attorney General, and Anne-Marie Trevelayn, who was appointed Secretary of State for International Development.

The new cabinet will today get straight into planning the governments new immigration plan.

They must also deal with the upcoming budget scheduled for March 11.

With less than a month to go, the date is now in jeopardy after the Chancellor’s shocking resignation.

Mr Javid had walked after being ordered to sack his spads in an explosive hour long meeting with the PM.

Dominic Cummings arrives in Downing Street, this morning

After angrily refusing, the outgoing Chancellor last night tore into Mr Johnson in a furious salvo.

He said: It has been a huge honour to serve as Chancellor of the Exchequer and whilst I was very pleased the Prime Minister wanted to reappoint me I was unable to accept the conditions which he had attached.

I felt I was left with no option other than to resign.

The conditions which were attached was a requirement that I replaced all my political advisers.

I was unable to accept those conditions. I dont believe any self-respecting minister would accept such conditions. Therefore I felt the best thing to do was to go.


In his resignation letter, Mr Javid appeared to take a shot at the PM by accusing him of undermining the Treasury’s credibility by surrounding himself with ‘Yes men’ advisors.

He said: “It is crucial for the effectiveness of government that you have people around you who can give you clear and candid advice.”

Mr Javid also wrote: “I would urge you to ensure the Treasury as an institution retains as much credibility as possible.”

Boris Johnson will today meet his new cabinet

The bombshell decision to resign comes amid an ongoing feud with the PM’s chief adviser Dominic Cummings.

It culminated in the mandarin launching a surprise power-grab for the Treasury leaving the Chancellor’s tenure in tatters.

Their fallout was sparked when the spin chief unceremoniously sacked a member of Javid’s senior staff over an explosive leaking row last summer.

This morning Mr Cummings refused to answer questions about the spat.


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