Boris Johnson tries to woo new US President Joe Biden with bumper love bomb plan


BORIS Johnson hailed new US President Joe Biden as a “fantastic thing for America” as he tried to cement close early ties with the new White House.

The Prime Minister will welcome the new leader of the free world to Britain twice this year – and was already rolling out the red carpet last night.

Boris Johnson watching events in Washington unfold from No10

Taking aim at the departed Donald Trump, Mr Johnson said it had been “a bumpy period and for us and America.”

After watching Mr Biden being sworn in on TV from his office at 10 Downing Street, the PM said “it’s a big moment, we’ve got things we want to do together.”

He pointed to tackling climate change and added: “we’ve got to bounce back from Covid together, working together to unite the world in how you tackle a pandemic.”

Mr Johnson’s gushing praise came after he told his Cabinet that Brexit Britain will be Mr Biden’s go to trouble-shooter in the West.


The PM has pitched the UK as “a strong steward of the international system and a pragmatic and problem-solving partner on the world stage”.

Yesterday the Queen joined Mr Johnson in welcoming the hand over of power in Washington, as Mr Johnson welcoming strong US leadership in another swipe at outgoing President Trump.

The PM said there is now a “fantastic joint united agenda” between the UK and US governments and the pair share a favourite slogan: “build back better”.

President Biden is due to visit the UK twice in 2021 for major summits in a boost for Mr Johnson’s hopes for a close working relationship.

Downing Street insiders say the UK hosting the G7 this summer and a major UN climate summit COP26 means virtual meetings with the new administration will begin almost immediately.

Mr Johnson also hopes to work with closely with President Biden on China, Iran and the Middle East where he was at odds with President Trump.


Risking accusations of neediness, yesterday ministers queued up to heap praise on the new White House boss.

Home Secretary Priti Patel declared its time to “move on” from the Trump era, while Trade Secretary Liz Truss rushed to reopen deal talks with the new US team.

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab gushed: “From climate change to trade and security, our two countries share a close bond and special relationship. We look forward to working with you on shared priorities as a force for good in the world.”

Labour’s Sir Keir Starmer also heaped glowing praise on the new President, saying: “The US begins a new chapter in its history, one of hope, decency, compassion and strength.

“Together, our two nations can build a better, more optimistic future for our world”, he added.


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