Boris Johnson urges Sun readers to back Conservatives in General Election to get Brexit done & unite Britain


BORIS Johnson issues a personal appeal to Sun readers to finish what we started on Brexit as the country votes in todays knife-edge General Election.

The outcome of the most important nationwide poll in 40 years was deemed too close to call.

The PM has called on readers of Britains most popular paper to come to his aide by voting Tory to unite the country

With Britains EU exit at stake, as well as potential economic ruin, a late Labour surge left Tory chiefs nerves jangling.

Polling experts declared a hung Parliament and a Jeremy Corbyn government is now a distinct possibility by Friday morning.

In his open letter, the Tory leader calls on all readers of Britains most popular paper to come to his aide by voting Tory to unite the country so it can finally move on.

The PM writes: I want us to get Brexit done. I want to focus on Sun readers priorities. I want to unleash this countrys potential.

Above all I want to end the division and bring this country back together again. Whether you voted Leave or Remain, you matter and your voice matters.

Give me a majority and I will finish what we started what you instructed us to do three-and-a -half years ago. A great future is there within our grasp, but I need Sun readers to vote for me.

Boris also extends his plea across party lines to reach out to once diehard Labour voters to go blue.

He implores them: Even if you have never voted Conservative before, this is your chance to be heard and I promise I will not let you down. Vote today to break the gridlock. Enough is enough. Lets get it done.


On a tense final day of campaigning:

  • MR Johnson made an action-packed 500-mile dash across the country to make a last-ditch pitch to voters in key target seats;
  • NINE per cent of all voters almost three million people told opinion pollsters they still hadnt decided who to vote for;
  • THERE were fears of a lower turnout after reports that postal votes were significantly down this year;
  • IT emerged Labour plans to outgun the Tories by flooding the streets with tens of thousands of left-wing activists to try to boost Mr Corbyns vote;
  • SENIOR Tories close to Boris told of fears that a small Commons majority of under 20 would be nearly as bad as another hung parliament.

Mr Johnson would almost certainly be ousted if we fails to win an outright majority of Parliaments 650 MPs as all other parties have said they will refuse to govern with the Tories in a coalition.

Constituency boundaries, now more than a decade out of date, mean he must be seven points ahead in the polls to be confident of a majority.

But the latest poll of polls revealed the gap was only nine points and closing fast. A senior Tory who worked in No10 told HOAR: Boris desperately needs the wiggle room of a majority of above 20 so he can do a decent Brexit deal and make his own decisions on the economy and spending.

We cant spend another two years being in hoc to head bangers, be they the ERG or DUP.

As HOAR revealed earlier in the campaign, just 32,195 votes could be the difference between Mr Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn in No10 by the end of Friday. That is the number of voters it would take in the 50 key battleground seats largely in the North and Midlands to decide the contest in favour of either mans parties.

All final polls saw a tightening, with the firm Opinium finding the Tories lead cut from 14 per cent to 11 per cent in the last few days.

The nations top election academic, Professor Sir John Curtice, said the election result could be so close that the exit poll he organises for TV stations tonight may not forecast it accurately.

Ladbrokes slashed their odds on a hung parliament yesterday from 3/1 to 9/4 on No Overall Majority.


After a gruelling day in which he criss-crossed the country, Mr Johnson warned his supporters not to take anything for granted admitting the race was very tight

The six-week election campaign has seen the Tory leader travel 9,126 miles, covering all four countries of the UK and every single English region at least three times.

Former PM David Cameron came to his old university pal Boriss support last night to tweet: I want to wish all Conservatives candidates the best of luck tomorrow after a hard-fought general election campaign and urge everyone to go out there and Vote Conservative.


Among several very senior Tories facing a battle to cling on to their seats are Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, as Remainers launched an all-out blitz to oust him.

Constituency-level polling by YouGov shows two other high profile Brexiteers are in danger of losing their North London seats.

Ex-Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith is just two per cent ahead of Labour in Chingford and Woodford Green. Environment Secretary Theresa Villiers is four per cent behind Labour in Chipping Barnet.

Boris Johnson is desperate to ‘get Brexit done’
The PM made an action-packed 500-mile dash across the country to make a last-ditch pitch to voters in key target seats
Boris Johnson holds a freshly bakes pie during a visit to the Red Olive in Derby, on the last day of the General Election campaign trail
The PM is relying on Sun readers to help him get the majority he needs to get Brexit done


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