Boris won over half of Britains working class with 11% swing from Labour to Tories, huge election study shows


BORIS Johnson secured his election victory thanks to winning over three in four Brexit-backers, almost half of the working class and even more younger Tory voters, a huge study has shown.

The PM toasted a stonking win on the back of huge support from blue-collar workers with 48 per cent of them ticking the Conservative box on their ballot paper.

Boris Johnson won his election victory from Brexit-backers, the working class and younger Tory voters, a huge study has shown


Forty eight per cent of the C2D2 social group, known as working class voters, backed the Tories, which is 15 points more than Labour managed with the same social group.

Yet Mr Johnson also proved more popular with more affluent voters, picking up 43 per cent of the vote when Jeremy Corbyn could again only muster 33 per cent, according to research by YouGov.

Boris managed to nick 11 per cent of Labour voters since the 2017 vote, but four per cent of ex-Tories went back to Mr Corbyn’s party.

The stats come as yesterday the Conservative leader told his new MPs they had 18 months to repay the trust of those first-time Tory voters in working class areas.


Brexit played a crucial role in the PMs incredible election win helping him bulldoze the Red Wall of Labour constituencies in Leave heartlands in the North.

The Tories managed to boost their vote share among Leave voters to 74 per cent, up from 65 in the 2017 election.

But Mr Corbyn actually managed to reduce Labours grip on Remain supporters to just under half on 49 per cent – a drop of six points from two years ago.

Labour suffered mainly due to power grabs by the Lib Dems, who increased their vote share amongst Remainers to 21 per cent an increase of 10 points.

The Conservatives managed to keep hold of almost all 92 per cent of their 2017 Brexit-backers.

While Labour were only able to count on the support of 79 per cent of their Remain voters from two years ago, with 12 per cent deserting the party in favour of the Liberal Democrats.



YouGov also found that Brits are backing the Tories at a younger age, with the average now39, down from 47 at the last election.

Mr Corbyn proved unpopular with all ages on December 12, as Labours vote share dropped among the young and old.

The only slight silver lining was that they lost just five per cent of their share with those nearing retirement in the over 60s bracket, compared to around 9% among the under 60s.


Education continued to be an important dividing line in the election with the Tories proving far more popular with those who did not go to university.

Fifty eight per cent of those who do not have a degree voted for Mr Johnson, while just 25 per cent backed Mr Corbyn.

Labour did better with those who did get higher education winning 43 per cent of their voter to the Tories 29 per cent.
The Liberal Democrats also performed very well amongst this group with 17% of the vote share.


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