Brexit: Britain wont leave EU on October 31 as EU to grant third extension


BRITAIN won’t leave the EU on October 31, it was officially confirmed today.

EU ambassadors agreed to give Britain the green light for a third Brexit extension today, but have yet to say how long it will be.

Britain won’t leave the EU on October 31, it was confirmed today, despite Boris’ vow to leave on Halloween

It comes just hours after Chancellor Sajid Javid confirmed the news too, meaning the PM will break his “do or die” promise to take us out of the EU by Halloween.

The Chancellor told the BBC this morning: “We now have to accept that we won’t be able to leave on October 31 because Parliament has requested an extension.

“We have to assume they will offer a three month extension.”

And he vowed that the Government would keep bringing forward election votes until Mr Corbyn gives in and backs one.

But the PM today refused to admit it, telling Sky: “I cant say that now, we are waiting for our EU friends and partners to say what they want to do. Its in their power to decide whether or not to have an extension.”

MPs effectively killed off any chance of an October 31 exit by voting down the PM’s timetable for his Brexit bill earlier this week.

Boris wanted to fast-track it in just three days, but MPs claimed they needed more time to look at the new law, even though they’ve been debating Brexit for three years.

It comes as:

  • Boris Johnson is today chasing Jeremy Corbyn for a snap election, after he’s pushed through his Brexit Bill
  • Boris vowed to hold DAILY election votes until the leftie Labour boss gives in
  • But the leftie boss gave Boris a long list of demands before he would give in
  • Jean Claude Juncker blasted Boris for “spreading lies” during the referendum campaign
  • Follow all the live action with our blog here

Best for Britain’s Naomi Smith said today: “Whats crucial to remember is that Boris has failed to meet his do or die pledge to leave on October 31.

“Its clear that he cant solve this issue within Parliament.”

This morning Mr Corbyn said the PM must come back to the Commons to insist that Britain will not leave the EU after the transition period without a deal.

Rebel Tories had been pushing for an amendment to the Brexit Bill earlier this week along similar lines.

The leftie boss didn’t address why he wouldn’t back an election now – even though he could reverse any Brexit decisions if he gets into power.


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