Brexit day: Plans to fly Union Jacks and for Big Ben to bong to mark January 31 exit


BRITAIN is set to celebrate Brexit day with a flurry of Union Jack flags and bongs from Big Ben on January 31.

The Government is tipped to encourage councils and community groups all over the country to fly the flag to mark the occasion.

Union Jacks could be hung from public buildings.

Ministers are preparing a series of announcements for the big day, which is finally arriving after Boris Johnson landed a stonking majority.

This could see cash set aside from the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government to help put up flags.

A Westminster source said: “It’s prompted by Brexit but is also meant to celebrate national identity more broadly.”

The move was earlier backed by senior Tory backbencher Sir John Hayes, who labelled it a fitting tribute to the decision the British people made to leave the European Union”.

Brexit Secretary Steve Barclay replied: “Any opportunity to do so is one that he and I would always celebrate.”

Big Ben could also ring in Britains new golden age after the Commons Speaker Lindsay Hoyle said he would allow the scheme if MPs voted for it.

Pro-Brexit businessman Lord Ashcroft has already offered to foot the 120,000 cost.

The Treasury is also expected to announce it will mint a commemorative coin to celebrate the big day.

It comes as the Withdrawal Agreement Bill arrives in the Lords today for its second reading.


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