Britain to sign first mini-trade deal with US in just two weeks’ time


BRITAIN will sign its first mini-trade deal with the US in just two weeks’ time, HOAR can reveal.

Trade chief Anne Marie Trevelyn is putting the finishing touches on a landmark agreement with Indiana, which will see red tape slashed and jobs boosted.

Britain will sign its first mini-trade deal with the US in just two weeks’ time

And she’s on track to sign another SIX mini-deals with other US states by the end of the year.

The mid-Western state is the eighth-largest exporter in the US and is known for selling its maize, soybeans and tomatoes.

The state already buys $1.4 billion worth of goods from the UK every year – and the UK is its seventh-largest export market.

Ministers hope the deal will boost jobs, investment and the sharing of services and green technology.



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US President Joe Biden has dashed hopes of a nation-wide swift post-Brexit pact for the moment – saying it is not a priority for him.

But discussions are continuing in the background while they draw up the framework for a longer-term deal.

Ms Trevelyan told HOAR: “State-by-state we are doing all sorts.
“We’ve got some really good discussions going on. Watch this space.

“The US big-picture deal is important and we’ll get there when the White House has the view that they have got their domestic situation, and they want to look out again.

“In the meantime, there’s loads that businesses would like us to try and sort out in terms of market access barriers.

“Governors have got authority over a number of things and they are really keen to do more business with us.

“Let’s crack on with that. We’re doing both.”


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