Brits can go out to get pet food, give blood or volunteer during coronavirus lockdown – full list of exceptions


As part of new laws which came into power today, the Government laid out all the exceptions to the three-week lockdown.

Blood donations have dropped 15 per cent with doctors urging people to keep their appointments – but Brits CAN still do it

Boris Johnson has said earlier this week that no one should be going out unless they wanted to get food, medicine, for exercise once a day, or to help a vulnerable person.

And they should only be going to work if they can’t work from home too, he said.

Today Matt Hancock signed emergency rules into law to cover the lockdown, which force people to stay inside.

Police will have the power to slap people with a £60 on the spot fine – which could rise to up to £1000 for repeat offenders.

The Government has warned that they could raise this to unlimited levels if people still don’t obey.

The new regulations laid out all the exceptions to the rules in black and white.

Brits are able to go out of the house to get necessities for anyone in the house – that includes beloved pets too.

And if anything vital for your home breaks too, you will be allowed to leave to buy things to fix it, or get a new one.

Thankfully, members of the public will be allowed out to volunteer, and to give blood too.

More than half a million Brits have signed up to be an NHS volunteer in the last 24 hours alone as the country clubbed together to do their bit.

Brits are allowed out to get supplies for their pets

Brits in the process of moving home have been told to stay put if they can.

However, if they are just about to move and have no other option, the new laws do allow it.

People will also be allowed out to go to court, access childcare, or take kids around to the other parents’ if they are separated.

The rules also clarifies when you can gather in a group.

Boris this week banned gatherings of more than two people except in some circumstances.

When providing care to vulnerable people or emergencies, it is allowed.

And if you need to attend a family members’ funeral or it can’t be avoided for work, people won’t face any action.

Business will also face fines if they stay open when they should have closed.


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