Brits can meet a different person outside every day from TOMORROW if they keep their distance, Matt Hancock confirms


The Health Secretary this morning revealed there was no limit to how many people the nation could now see- as long as they continued to maintain social distancing.

Matt Hancock this morning confirmed Brits could see different people each day

Appearing on Sky News, Mr Hancock was asked if the changes meant Brits could see a different person each day in the park.

He said: “Yes at greater than two metres.

“Being outside is safer than being inside but it is not zero risk.

“We are making some baby steps, some relaxation but we are doing it very very carefully because we don’t want that r-rate to get higher than one.”

Boris Johnson yesterday urged the British public to trust in “common sense” as he laid out his 50-page roadmap to easing Britain’s coronavirus lockdown.

The PM yesterday published a lengthy plan to get the country back to school and work without risking a huge second wave of infections, but many of the key details are still missing.

Last night he gave a statement outlining the three stages of his plan, and yesterday’s document features some of the small print.

Figures showed that working-class men are at the greatest risk of contracting Covid-19, sparking fears the lowest-paid could be forced to put their lives at risk to reboot the economy.

He was met with criticism over his lockdown announcement yesterday, with some accusing him of mixed messaging.


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