Brits stuck at airport as NHS app goes DOWN leaving travellers unable to access vaccine passport


FOREIGN travel was thrown into chaos today as the NHS Covid App went DOWN meaning passengers couldn’t access vaccine passports.

Holidaymakers fumed online that the crash meant they were stuck a the airport – with some complaining they had missed their flight entirely.

People trying to login to the app this afternoon were greeted with a message that read: “There are currently issues with accessing the Covid pass on the NHS APP and website.

“We are investigating the issue and will update as soon as we can.”

The NHS posted the same alert on Twitter, to which would-be holidaymaker Chuck Adolphy replied: “Cheers guys missed my flight with it.”

More passengers complained the outage meant they were languishing in long queues while waiting for it to load back up.

Caroline Frost tweeted: “Waiting to fly at Heathrow and the NHS app has crashed with all the a COVID vaccination proof available.

“Currently not allowed to fly. Going to be an interesting afternoon at Heathrow.”

Tim Rodie tweeted: “The part of the NHS App that generates the proof of vaccination certificate is not working.

“Quite a few worried people at T5 check-in… including me.”


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