Burglars and thieves to be electronically tagged 24 hours a day to stop them reoffending


BURGLARS and thieves will be electronically tagged 24 hours a day to stop them reoffending in an anti crime blitz.

Boris Johnson is also announcing a huge boost to stop and search powers to tackle the deadly knife crime epidemic.

Boris Johnson will be announcing plans which will see burglars and thieves electronically tagged 24 hours a day to stop them reoffending

While criminals will be put to work cleaning up streets, estates and parks in a “visible” push for the public to “see justice being done”.

Lags convicted of booze related crimes – which the Home Office says drives 39 per cent of all violent crime – will also be tagged to stop them drinking.

The massive law and order crackdown comes after a torrid few weeks of negative headlines has seen the PM’s approval ratings sink.

But after 10 days in isolation at Chequers, Mr Johnson is hoping to use a week focused on tackling crime to turn the page and get back onto the front foot.

Announcing the massive crime crackdown, he said: “When I first stood on the steps of Downing Street as Prime Minister, I promised to back the police and make people safer, because we cannot level up the country when crime hits the poorest hardest and draws the most vulnerable into violence.

“That is why my Government has remained unstinting in its efforts to protect the British public and this plan delivers a fresh commitment, as we emerge from the impacts of the pandemic, to have less crime, fewer victims and a safer society.”

The flagship measure will be a permanent uplift for sweeping powers for the police to Stop and Search suspected criminals to drive down soaring knife crime.

So called Section 60 powers allow police to dramatically increase their Stop and Search tactics in areas where they anticipate violence – or following a stabbing to help find weapons and stop reprisals.

The move consigns Theresa May’s legacy to the dustbin of history.

As both Home Secretary and PM, she battled against Stop and Search suggesting it was discriminatory and capping its use.

But within days of taking over in 2019, Mr Johnson began unpicking that.

Pilots have been running since then to allow all 43 police forces to use Stop and Search powers more often – and that will now be put on a permanent footing.

Home Office sources say the test schemes had led to officers having more confidence using Stop and Search and a knock on deterrent effect to would-be offenders.

Home Secretary Priti Patel said: “We’re putting 20,000 new police officers on the street, equipping them with new powers to catch criminals and take away knives.”

But Labour branded the Beating Crime Plan “all talk and no action when it comes to tackling crime.”


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