Chancellor Rishi Sunak draws up fresh bailout pan for key, debt-ridden companies


RISHI Sunak has drawn up a fresh bailout plan for key, debt-ridden companies, it was reported last night.

Firms deemed strategically important to the country may get a cash injection.

Jaguar Land Rover could be one of many firms to receive a cash injection

It could include carmaker Jaguar Land Rover, as well as aviation, aerospace and steel businesses.

A source said steps would be taken to aid those whose failure could “disproportionately harm the economy”, the FT reported.

Under the plan, dubbed Project Birch, the Chancellor will help “viable companies which have exhausted all options” — but only as a “last resort”.

Treasury sources said it would not necessarily mean taking equity stakes, but it would be a loan scheme.

But experts proposed a more radical plan which would see it become a part-owner of at-risk firms.

Trade group TheCityUK estimated loans could climb above £100billion.

Ex-Treasury minister Jim O’Neill said he has also discussed creating a public sector-owned funding body to take stakes in “inherently stable” businesses.

The Chancellor will aid those whose failure could ‘disproportionately harm the economy’


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