Chancellor Rishi Sunak will ‘save a staggering 1.5million jobs with his bumper bailouts’


CHANCELLOR Rishi Sunak will save 1.5 million jobs with his bumper bailouts, forecasters said Friday night.

But he faced calls to hand over £1,000 interim payments to the self-employed, who face months until they get aid.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak is predicted to save a staggering 1.5million jobs

According to the think tank Policy Exchange, one in six people — 5.3 million  —  have jobs heavily exposed to the crisis.

More than one million are set to lose their jobs.

Dr Gerard Lyons said: “The measures will not stop unemployment rising but could save close to 1.5 million jobs.

“What Rishi Sunak has unveiled will help to keep the economy in hibernation during the crisis and leave it in a better state to recover.”

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Under the bailout, workers and the self-employed forced to stay home can claim up to £2,500 a month from the state.

Bosses who have signed up to the scheme will have their employer National Insurance contributions covered.

The Government will also cover the cost of minimum auto-enrolment pension contributions for furloughed staff.

It could save bosses up to £300 a month per employee.

And workers who cannot take their holiday will be allowed to carry four weeks over into the next two years. That kicks in immediately.

Self-employed workers will not get any cash until June.

Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham, an ex-chief secretary to the Treasury, suggested a “blanket” £1,000 advance to tide over 3.8 million.

Meanwhile, Business Secretary Alok Sharma suggested the self-employed will have to pay more National Insurance contributions in the future.


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