Chancellor Sajid Javid reveals minimum wage will rise by record 51p in boost for struggling Brits


SAJID Javid today announces the minimum wage will rise by a record 51p so struggling Brits begin the new year with an imminent pay rise.

The National Living Wage will increase from 8.21 to 8.72 an hour in April, the Chancellor reveals.

Sajid Javid has revealed the minimum wage will rise by a record 51p an hour in April

The 6.2% hike is double the rate of average annual wage growth and also twice the current rate of inflation, as well as the legal minimums biggest cash rise ever since it came into force in 1997.

It will deliver an extra 930 a year into the pockets of almost three million who earn it.

Writing for HOAR today, Mr Javid says the move is the start of an array of action by the newly elected Tory government that will make 2020 the year of levelling up.

The Chancellor adds: I believe the best possible start to 2020 for millions of hard-working people on lower wages is to give them a pay rise. So that is exactly what we are doing.

The 6.2% wage hike is double the rate of average annual wage growth and also twice the current rate of inflation

This government believes in bringing everyone up, not in punishing those who succeed.

Getting Brexit done doesnt just mean passing legislation, to me it means helping people so that they know the country works for them.

The new minimum pay level keeps the Chancellor on course to meet the pledge he made in October to push it up to 10.50 by 2024, which is two-thirds of median earnings.

Boris Johnson said he believed people have not been getting the pay they deserve for years

Boris Johnson also said the move helps correct the injustice of for too long, people havent seen the pay rises they deserve.

The PM added: As we enter a new decade, were setting our sights higher, to help people earn more over the next five years and level up access to opportunity across our great country.

Younger workers will also get wage boosts, with the rate for 21-24 year olds going up by 6.5% from 7.70 to 8.20 an hour.

There is a 4.9% increase for 18-20 year olds, from 6.15 to 6.45, and a 4.6% increase from 4.35 to 4.55 for under 18s.

Since the National Living Wage was introduced in 2016, the nations lowest paid who do a 35 hour week will have had a wage increase of 3,680.



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