Cracking down on crime and slashing NHS waiting times should be top of Boris Johnsons to do list, Sun readers say


SLASHING crime rates and fixing long waiting times for the NHS should be at the top of Boris Johnson’ hitlist, according to Sun readers.

A poll of readers showed issues at home in Britain are more urgent than finding trade deals with the US and the EU.

Boris Johnson should focus on cutting crime and NHS waiting times

Readers were the most distressed by rising crime rates, with 70 per cent of them marking it as the top problem for Boris.

Next up on Boris’ to-do list should be reducing NHS waiting times – according to 68 per cent of respondents who put that as a very urgent issue for the PM.

The response comes weeks after new figures revealed the NHS recorded their worst-ever performance for A&E waiting times.

Fixing social care (53 per cent) and cutting migration (48 per cent) were also up there with problems readers think Boris needs to get done.

The troubled Universal Credit benefits system was also flagged as a huge issue for readers.

HOAR has been campaigning to make Universal Credit work, after the roll out of the new scheme was delayed again, until 2024.

Boris put fighting crime and boosting the NHS at the heart of his promises during the election campaign.

He has already begun his crackdown on crime pledging millions to stop youth gang culture.

The PM’s bill to formally write his spending pledges on the NHS into law passed the House of Commons on second reading last month.

He delivered on his promise to get Brexit done, after the UK formally left the EU last week.

Readers rated trade deals with the US and the EU as almost equally important, after the UK left the EU last week.

Trade talks with the EU just beat the US – on 45 per cent versus 41 per cent.

The new High Speed railway is hated by readers, the poll reveals.

Almost 70 per cent of readers thought the money being spent on the fledgling HS2 scheme could be spent on improving existing transport in the North.

HS2 was even more hated by people in the Midlands and the North – 73 per cent said the money could be better spent.

Only 26 per cent of readers actually supported the new high speed railway, and 37 per cent in the North and Midlands.

Water pollution and air pollution were the biggest environmental issues facing the UK, according to readers.

Around 70 per cent of respondents thought they were the most urgent issues.

Climate change and running out of water were both lower down – on just over 60 per cent.

More than half of readers said the ferocious bush fires in Australia had made them more worried about climate change.

Of the thousand Sun readers who responded to a poll on the biggest issues facing Britain, 70 per cent thought crime rates took the prize as the top problem.

HS2 was hated among readers






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