Different areas could have tougher lockdown levels, minister warns


DIFFERENT parts of Britain could have tougher lockdown levels to handle the crisis, a minister has warned.

Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick today revealed the Government could soon start cracking down on the parts of the nation most affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Robert Jenrick announced the lockdown could change for different areas

Appearing on Sky News, Mr Jenrick explained contact tracing could help isolate where people were most at risk.

He said: “There will be a centre for biosecurity that will bring this data together, monitor the progress against the virus in all parts of the country and inform our response.

“If we see there are particular outbreaks in particular neighbourhoods, schools, towns, we may be able to take particular measures in those places.

“If there are outbreaks in one particular place we will have the opportunity to increase measures again.”

The senior minister also backed the new colour-coded alert scheme, ranging from green to red, which will be used to highlight increased risk from the virus.

He said: “It will be very transparent, people will be able to see at what point we are in controlling the virus.

“At the moment we believe the country is at four on a scale of five, with five being the most concerning.

“Our aspiration is to bring that down as swiftly as we can to three.”

It comes as the Prime Minister is set to warn the UK later today that the country is entering the most dangerous phase of the outbreak.

The PM will urge “maximum caution” as he unveils his road map out of lockdown.

Mr Johnson told HOAR on Sunday: “This is the dangerous bit.

“We’re past the peak now but we’ll have to work even harder to get every step right.”

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