Double blow for Jeremy Corbyn as ex-Labour MP Ian Austin tells voters to back Boris


JEREMY Corbyn has suffered a double blow as a former Labour MP has urged voters to back Boris Johnson after Tom Watson quits.

Ian Austin has branded the Labour boss as completely unfit to be PM and getting him to No10 would be a disaster for Britain.

Ian Austin has branded the Labour boss as completely unfit to be PM and getting him to No10 would be a disaster for Britain


Mr Austin, 54, who represented the seat of Dudley , quit the party in February over its anti-semitism scandal as he felt Labour drift further towards the extreme left.

He now plans to stand as an independent candidate in another constituency in the December Election but will vote for the Tories.

Mr Austin told The Times: Jeremy Corbyn is an extremist.

Hes allowed the Labour Party to be poisoned by extremism and racism, he supported terrorism, he cant be trusted with our defence and he always picks the wrong side.


The comments come after deputy leader Mr Watson sensationally quit as an MP last night.

Mr Watson, who has represented West Bromwich since 2001, said: The decision is personal, not political.”

He made the move after finding himself in a vulnerable position after repeated clashes with hard-left supporters of Mr Corbyn.

It culminated with the cabal trying to remove him in an attempted coup – which he described as a “drive-by shooting”.


Mr Austin said he was not a supporter of the Tory party but added that Mr Johnson was a patriot and in contrast Mr Corbyn was someone who has sided with our countrys enemies.

However, he added that Mr Corbyn was not the only dangerous figure in the Labour partys ranks.

Mr Austin also said Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell was an extremist who spent the 1980s supporting the IRA.

He also blasted Labour chiefs attitude to Britains wealthy, adding: I think they regard wealth as a problem and people who create it as the enemy.

However, his greatest concern is the antisemitism scandal that has engulfed the party.

Mr Corbyn’s leadership has been dogged by an ongoing row among activists and officials of the Labour Party over alleged bullying and abuse to Jewish members.

It culminated in Scotland Yard launching a criminal investigation into alleged hate crimes – and seven MPs quitting in protest at the failure to tackle the problem.

Mr Austins adoptive father Fred Austin arrived in Britain as a 10-year-old Jewish refugee from Chzechoslovakia in 1939.

He escaped death in a concentration camp after his mother and sisters put him on a train to safety.

They tragically were killed at the Treblinka camp.

Mr Austin said that while his decision to quit was the party upset him he could now look my Jewish friends in the eye, I could look my Dad in the eye.

Mr Austin called Boris Johnson a ‘patriot’
Mr Austin blasted Jeremy Corbyn as an ‘extremist’


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