Former Prime Minister Theresa May obeys social distancing rules as she queues at her local Waitrose


FORMER PM Theresa May sticks to the social distancing rules as she queues at a supermarket.

Mrs May, 63, stayed two metres away from other shoppers as she waited outside her local Waitrose in Berkshire.

Theresa May was spotted abiding by social distancing regulations while out shopping

The former PM recently wished her successor Boris Johnson well on Twitter as he battles coronavirus

She checked her mobile phone as she stood patiently in the queue before buying groceries in the store for approximately 45 minutes and leaving with a bag for life.

Last week Mrs May shared her support for the Prime Minister who has been admitted to St Thomas’ Hospital where he is battling coronvirus.

The former PM tweeted: “My thoughts and prayers are with Boris Johnson and his family as he continues to receive treatment in hospital.”

A number of cordons appeared to be in place at the Waitrose branch in Berkshire, in hope of stopping people from crowding outside the store.

Supermarkets nationwide continue to impose social distancing measures for shoppers, allowing only a certain number of people in at any one time.

They are also enforcing other measures including the santitising of shopping trolleys and screens to separate check out staff from customers at till points.

As the UK gets ready for what is set to be a beautiful Easter weekend, the government has issued a number of warnings for people to stay home and save lives, despite the sunny weather.

It is likely that the police will be continuing to patrol beaches and beauty spots to ensure people are abiding by social distancing regulations.

The former Prime Minster was seen at her local Waitrose in Berkshire

Mrs May is said to have spent approximately 45 minutes inside the store

Supermarkets across the country are enforcing the rule of two metres between every shopper

The Tory MP spent the time she waited outside the store on her phone