Government hiring crack team of ex-spooks and soldiers to protect Britain’s vaccine supplies


ELITE former intelligence officers and soldiers have been drafted to protect Britain’s vaccine stocks from being stolen, HOAR can reveal.

Vetted ex-officers from Army intelligence units and the security services are being sought to start working immediately on the “National Vaccine Security Programme” that hopes to be operational by Christmas.

The new National Vaccine Security Programme has been nicknamed the V Team

The unit – dubbed the V Team – has been set up by Whitehall officials amid fears the UK’s world beating vaccine deployment leaves the country open to attack.

Last week ministers “wargamed” scenarios where our vaccine stocks were raided by enemies as part of Covid resilience tests.

A job advert circulated amongst former special forces and intelligence personnel says “this is an issue of national importance so please dig deep and put your hand up if you are able to take this on.”

But those offering their services are warned to “bear in mind that this is HMG contracting, tax-payers money etc, so rates will be decent but not high.”


Those that sign up must be ready to  begin work “immediately and be prepared to work over Xmas” and through to March and beyond.

It is understood two senior officials from the Ministry of Defence have also seconded to vaccine security.

Last night a Health department spokesman told HOAR: “The COVID-19 vaccination programme is the biggest immunisation programme in the history of the NHS.  

“Transporting large amounts of vaccine around the country to hundreds of vaccination sites is a complex logistical operation in partnership with multiple agencies and organisations.

“Security is an important part of that operation and officials from a range of organisations have joined the programme to assist with this vital work”

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