Grumpy aide drops f bomb live on air as another reporter tries to ambush Boris Johnson on 6am milk round


BORIS Johnson’s exasperated aide said “for f***s sake” live on Good Morning Britain today as election stresses boiled over.

In a sign that it might be all getting too much for campaigners ahead of tomorrow’s poll, a Tory aide swore live on air as ITV tried to interview the Prime Minister.

Piers and Susanna were shocked as an aide was caught on camera dropping the f bomb

As Boris was taking part in an early morning milk round in Pudsey today, the GMB presenters tried to catch the PM on camera and get him to speak to the nation.

The PM has said repeatedly he’ll come on the show with the fierce interviewerd Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid, but has yet to do so.

As GMB’s camera man tried to push through the crowds to get to him, the PM’s man Rob Oxley muttered: “For f*** sake.”

A senior Tory source said Mr Oxley did not swear at the GMB reporter but was expressing his frustration at the camera shots being ruined.
He said the other broadcasters have complained to GMB because the pooled clip was cut short.

About half an hour after the incident Piers said on GMB:Robert Oxley, this poor little shrinking violet who works with Boris Johnson, has rung in. He didnt assault our man, Jonathan Swain.

Alright, he didnt assault him. What you were was extremely obnoxious, very aggressive, foul mouthed and repulsive.

Does that work, Mr Oxley? We all saw what you did.

So yeah, okay, well issue a humble and sincere apology suggesting you assaulted him.

The incident comes just 24 hours before polls are due to open in tomorrow’s general election.

Last night polls showed the race is much tighter than thought – and a hung parliament can’t be ruled out.

The PM’s aide Rob Oxley appeared to be feeling the strain of the election – seen with GMB reporter here
The reporter was trying to get to Boris Johnson to get him to do a live GMB interview
Boris was out and about early this morning delivering milk to customers

YouGov’s survey predicted the Tories will win 339 seats – giving Boris a majority of 28.

But the PM has said there’s still all to play for as he hits the campaign trail for a 24 hour blitz of the country.

Boris will visit the North of England, Wales and Essex today. before heading back to No10.


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