How to watch the Brexit deal vote LIVE TV channel, start time and how to follow


BORIS Johnson is revving up for another run at getting his Brexit deal through the House of Commons today.

Here’s how you can watch the parliamentary punch up and, if you don’t have time to watch it all, keep track of the events.

MPs have begun the debate on Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal

How do I watch the Brexit deal vote?

MPs have started debating Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal.

The showdown will be screened live on Parliament TV and BBC Parliament with key moments screened on the main news networks.

The crunch second reading of Boris Johnson’s Withdrawal Agreement will take place at 7pm tonight.

In a landmark moment, MPs will vote for the first time on the new law that will take Britain out of the EU, with the new agreement in place.

The Government announced a breakneck timetable of just three days for the key bill to clear all its Commons stages.

The PM issued a plea to all MPs saying: Lets get Brexit done on October 31 and move on.

But the Withdrawal Agreement Bill faces potential pitfalls to stop it from clearing Parliament in time for theexit deadline of October 31.

The minority parties have held frantic talks with Jeremy Corbyns senior lieutenants on how best to sabotage the bill

How do I follow the debate and what can we expect?

You can keep track of what is going on in the debate by following The Sun Online’s live blog of the historic vote.

If the bill passes the committee stage will get underway just 20 minutes later and then run right the way through Wednesday until around 1am Thursday morning.

Then at 7.30pm on Thursday the bill will get its third reading which must pass for it to succeed.

If the bill does manage to pass the Commons for a third time it will be kicked upstairs to be debated in the House of Lords from Friday to Monday.

In the unlikely event that all goes to plan, that should allow Boris Johnson to get his deal through by the Halloween deadline.

How likely is it to pass?

Senior Lib Dem, SNP and even DUP MPs were in frantic talks withJeremy Corbyns senior lieutenants on how best to sabotage the bill.

A senior Downing Street source familiar with the latest numbers tally told The Sun that voting on it Tuesday and Wednesday will be very tight.

There were worries among Tory whips that they could lose the programme motion vote.

It will be formally opposed by every other party including the Governments former allies, the DUP leaving ministers having to rely on as many as 20 pro-Brexit Labour or independent MPs to bail them out.

The Sun can reveal the SNP as well as Lib Dems are actively considering switching their long-standing position on acustoms union.

Jo Swinson’s Lib Dems are actively considering switching their long-standing position on a customs union

That would leave the Government needing around 15 Labour MPs and independents to vote with ministers, as only four rebel ex-Tories are expected to back the plan.

Our analysis of MPs thinking revealed the third option, a second referendum, was falling short.


Labour Party insiders said 35 of its MPs will defy Mr Corbyns three-line whip and vote against any new nationwide poll.

Around ten more are expected to abstain on it.

Four of the sacked Tory rebels are expected to join at least one of the votes designed to wreck Brexit plans.


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