Jeremy Corbyn refuses FOUR times to call Iranian general a terrorist and says his killing was illegal


JEREMY Corbyn refused to call top Iranian military general Qassem Soleimani a terrorist last night and told Donald Trump off for assassinating the terror boss.

Mr Corbyn criticised the killing of Soleimani, saying it was an “illegal” and “provocative” act, hours before Iran launched missiles on US bases.

Jeremy Corbyn refused to call Iranian military chief Qassem Soleimani a terrorist

Jeremy Corbyn refused to call Soleimani a terrorist who had organised attacks on the West last night, as Iran geared up to strike US bases.

Iran’s top military General Soleimani was assassinated at Baghdad airport by US air strike last Friday.

Mr Corbyn told Sky News: “I’m not here to defend special forces of Iran, I’m not here to defend any of those actions that have happened or been planned for the future.”

“Soleimani is the head of special forces of Iran, they obviously operate in all kinds of places that you and I would not agree with,” he said.

The leftie Labour leader attempted to cast doubt over US intelligence which suggested the terror boss was in Baghdad to plan further terror attacks.

“He was in Iraq, for reasons of contact, I assume with the Iraqi government,”

“I’ve no idea what his actual meetings were.”

Mr Corbyn then began criticising both Donald Trump and Boris Johnson for their responses to the tension with Iran.

“All I’m saying is that to assassinate an official of a foreign government in a third country, in this case Iraq, is illegal under any law and the US, if it wants the world to stand by international law, must stand by international law itself,” he said.

“This is a provocative act which has made the whole world a much more dangerous place.”

Mr Corbyn will stay on as Labour leader until April, as the race for the leadership heats up after “continuity” candidate Rebecca Long Bailey threw her hat in the ring.

He has described Rebecca Long Bailey as a “wonderful” colleague but said he won’t endorse anyone.

Ms Long Bailey refused to acknowledge Mr Corbyn’s disastrous unpopularity during the election, instead blaming “campaign strategy”.


Iran launched a series of ballistic missiles at two US bases in Iraq last night, both of which house troops in response to the assassination of the general.

Ten of the ballistic missiles hit the Al Asad Airbase in Iraq, one hit the town or Erbil and four others were unsuccessful.

Donald Trump tweeted following the strikes saying “all is well”.

Mr Trump described the general as a “monster”.

Donald Trump said “all is well” after strikes on US bases
Boris Johnson has said the UK will not “lament” the death of Soleimani
A Ukranian plane crashed and killed everyone on board near Iran’s airport in Tehran

Meanwhile, A Ukrainian passenger plane crashed near Iran’s Tehran airport, killing all 176 on board early this morning.

Footage of the fiery crash has triggered fears the jet was shot down, and Iranian state media said one of the engines of the Boeing 737 caught on fire shortly after take off.

Mr Corbyn has previously been criticised for his links with terror groups, and sparked fury last year after saying there was no “clear evidence” for a ban on Hezbollah.


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