Kids over 11 must wear face masks in school corridors during second lockdown


KIDS over the age of 11 in England must wear face masks in school corridors from tomorrow, the Government announced today.

Children in secondary school should cover up when they are moving around school and can’t keep a safe distance from others – but they don’t need to cover up in class.

Older pupils will have to wear masks from tomorrow in England – but not in the classroom

New guidance released this afternoon – just hours before England is plunged into another lockdown, said: “Face coverings should be worn by adults and children aged 11 and above when moving around the premises, outside of classrooms or activity rooms, such as in corridors and communal areas where social distancing cannot easily be maintained.”

Face coverings must also be worn outside of school areas where older kids are likely to come into contact with other members of the public.

Previously only kids in high-risk areas had to cover up.

And in the rest of the country it was up to the discretion of headteachers and schools to decide what they wanted to do.

Kids in years seven and above have also been told cover up when they are on the school bus, too.

Schools will continue to remain open throughout the second month-long lockdown.

In primary schools, for children in aged six and below, there is no change to the rules.

Adults coming into schools should wear one.

The rules go even further than in Scotland, where only kids aged 15 and over have to wear them.

Advice from the World Health Organisation has said that over 12s should wear masks.

There is some evidence that older children can contribute towards the spread of coronavirus.

But children overall – especially younger ones – are very unlikely to get it themselves and become seriously unwell.


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