Labour leadership hopeful Lisa Nandy blasts her own party for patronising Brits


LABOUR leadership hopeful Lisa Nandy last night blasted her own party for patronising Brits.

The Wigan MP said Labour had become out of touch and lost the trust of ordinary voters.

Lisa Nandy believes the Labour Party has become out of touch with voters

It came as her rivals Sir Keir Starmer, Emily Thornberry and Jess Phillips all blasted Jeremy Corbyns manifesto saying it was just not credible.

Ms Nandy blasted the disconnect between Labour bosses in London and hard-working families in the rest of the country.

She told Sophy Ridge on Sky News: We commission think tanks to write reports in central London, we sit behind desks in Westminster or Victoria Street commissioning opinion polls and focus groups, and then we go out and tell people that were going to fix it.”

She stormed: Well I think that is a way of patronising people.

Actually weve always been a movement that was built by, and for, working people for working people to change their own lives.

Her swipe came as MPs battling for the Labour crown scrambled to disown the partys election disaster its worst since 1935.

Sir Keir, who sat in Mr Corbyn’s shadow cabinet as Brexit chief, said Labours 2019 manifesto was overloaded.

Keir Starmer and Jess Phillips both blasted Corbyn’s manifesto for being not credible

Ms Phillips said the long list of hugely expensive giveaways was just not believable.

She fumed: My son doesnt go to school five days a week, lots of people in the countrycant get social care for their parents.

While that is the case offering people free broadband was just not believable.


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