Labour will ‘never win again’ if Keir Starmer loses any more red wall seats, warns top MP


LABOUR will “never win again” if Sir Keir Starmer loses any more Red Wall seats like Hartlepool, a top Labour MP warned tonight.

In a blistering attack on his own party, Jon Cruddas said Labour had woefully failed to “show what the party is actually for” over the past decade.

A top Labour MP says the party will never win power if Keir Starmer loses any more red seats

And losing more once rock-solid Labour seats in the North like Hartlepool could be “deadly” for the party if it forgets its working class roots, he warned.

Speaking today Mr Cruddas, who held onto his own seat by just 300 votes in 2019, said there was a “danger we write the working class out of the script”.

He told Radio 4 of their traditional voters: “They know it, they feel it, and funnily enough they are less likely to work for it.

“The levelling up agenda is a very serious threat for Labour, we have to combat it rather than hand it over and bed down on our urban settings and university towns.

“That would be deadly and would mean we would never win again.”

It came alongside another devastating blow for former QC Starmer, as a shock new YouGov poll shows the Tories have a 14 point lead – the biggest lead since Jeremy Corbyn’s election flop.

YouGov found that the Tories would take 43 per cent of the vote if another vote is held miles ahead of Sir Keir Starmer’s struggling left-wing party which is down on 29 per cent.

The Conservatives have doubled their lead over floundering Labour in the spare of just a week in its biggest margin since last spring.

Jon Cruddas said Labour had failed to show what it stands for and risks forgetting its working-class roots

It comes as a new YouGov poll shows the Tories gained a 14 point lead

The left-wingers have shed five percentage points, the survey found, as Boris gets a vaccine bounce from the rollout of the jabs throughout.

The result will pile more pressure on Sir Keir, who is fighting off internal rumblings over his leadership, one year on from taking over from Mr Corbyn.

It’s the 50th poll in a row for YouGov giving the Conservatives a lead, just weeks before crucial local elections are to be held on May 6.


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