Leaked files reveal Labour has ignored dozens of anti-Semitism complaints despite Corbyns vow to clean-up racism


LEAKED files reveal Labour has ignored dozens of anti-Semitism complaints – despite Corbyn’s vow to clean-up racism.

In a huge blow to the Labour leader, Whistleblowers have shared damning documents which they say expose “Corbyn’s lies”.

Jeremy Corbyn has been accused of failing to deal with the issue

According to the files, Jeremy Corbyn‘s reforms to deal with the issue are so controversial even Labour’s lawyers have warned they could possibly be illegal.

They also appear to show many of the promised changes to clamp down on the the problem simply haven’t been enacted.

Despite Mr Corbyn’s promises, anti-Semites are still facing light punishments or none at all, and continuing to abuse Jewish members.


One of the cases is that of David Cooper, a retired ships captains with comments so extreme Labour staff said they would not be out of place in the Third Reich.

In one Facebook post, Jewish people are described as a viral infection that needs to be completely eliminated …I call for the complete annihilation and extermination of every Jew on the planet.

Despite first receiving complaints for his comments in October 2018, it took ten months for the 71-year-old to be expelled.

Last week Cooper claimed the posts were written by the Israeli intelligence agency, who had taken control of his Facebook.

Another member in Birmingham suggested Jews should be drowned in the Red Sea because gas is so expensive.

Despite this, his case also took months to resolve.

The horrors come despite the far-left leader insisting anti-Semites in the party were all being deal with.

Speaking in the ITV debate, he said: Where anyone has committed any anti-semitic acts or made any anti-semitic statements they are either suspended or expelled from the party.


Analysis of 127 complaints between summer 2018 and spring this year reveals less than half were referred to Labours national constitutional committee.

Despite a flurry of promises from the Labour leader, just over half of those reported were given a warning, asked to attend diversity training, or faced no action at all.

These included those sharing conspiracy theories such as blaming the Charlie Hebdo attacks on the Zionist lobby that controls the world.

Several other members appeared to be deny the Holocaust, complaining Second World War photographs of bodies were NOT Jews and only thousands died, rather than millions.

Some were let off despite refusing to apologise or show any contrition at all.

David Ray, a member in Leicester, was readmitted to the party despite his claims that a Jewish gang and Zionist scumbags had seized power over the party.


The documents also reveal Labours disciplinary chiefs met in October to review a spiralling backlog of anti-semitism complaints and discuss Corbyns proposed reforms.

According to a leaked audiotape of the meeting, officials complained of a lack of resources, poor communication and delays.

They also pointed to 136 complaints remaining unresolved a figure the party forcefully denied when it was leaked last month.

A spokesman said: Jeremy Corbyn brought forward new powers, which are in operation, to expel individuals in cases of indisputable anti-semitism in a matter of weeks, rather than months.

This is proof of the robust action the party is taking to root out anti-semitism.

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