Lockdown measures could change on Monday, Boris Johnson says as he returns to PMQs for the first time


The PM will address the nation on Sunday with a roadmap for how to tweak the current lockdown measures, some of which may come into effect the very next day.

Boris returned to PMQs today and told the nation some lockdown measures may change on Monday
The new Labour leader finally faces off with the PM

The PM is set to address the nation on Sunday with a speech on how the lockdown may change – giving hope to millions of people that they could see restrictions lifted.

And he admitted that some tweaks will come into effect on Monday, though no huge plans are on the cards.

Addressing MPs and the nation this lunchtime, he said: “On Sunday…

“The reason for that is very simple. We have to be sure that the data is going to support our ability to do this.

“But that data is coming in continuously over the next few days.

“We will want if we possibly can, to get going with some of these measures on Monday.”

He said it would be helpful “if people have an idea of what is coming the following day”.

The Prime Minister missed the last two sessions while recovering from coronavirus, but returned to the chamber today for the first time in several weeks.

It comes on the same day the UK’s official death toll became the highest in Europe, at more than 32,000.

Replacing Jeremy Corbyn last month, Sir Keir has called for the PM to form a “national consensus” on easing restrictions.

Mr Johnson has not taken questions in the Commons since March 25, before Parliament broke early for Easter.

He was recovering at the Chequers country estate after being discharged from intensive care.

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