London mayor election: Sadiq Khan on course to win against Shaun Bailey as votes counted across the capital


LONDONERS have cast their ballots in the Mayoral election – but it’s going to take a bit of time before we get the full results.

Sadiq Khan is on course to win a second term in City Hall, and had pulled slightly ahead of his Tory rival Shaun Bailey this afternoon.

Sadiq Khan is on course to win another term – but he’ll have to wait probably until tomorrow for the final result

The Labour Mayor has long led in the polls in the capital, which has been left territory for years.

Mr Bailey had got 37 per cent of the votes verified as of 1.30pm, while Mr Khan was marginally ahead on 38 per cent.

But boroughs declaring early results included Tory strongholds such as Bexley and Bromley which has counted around half of all ballots.

It’s expected that we won’t get a firm result for the London Mayor until tomorrow evening.

Green candidate Sian Berry was comfortably in third at 8 per cent, with Lib Dem Luisa Porritt on 4 per cent.

Despite a high-profile campaign, the lockdown-sceptic actor Laurence Fox was flagging on 2 per cent.

Former Wall Street banker Brian Rose, Jeremy’s brother Piers Corbyn and Count Binface were all on 1 per cent.


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