Nicola Sturgeon extends lockdown for 3 weeks and warns lifting it could be ‘catastrophic’


Scotland First Minister revealed the lockdown would continue despite signs of progress.

Nicola Sturgeon announced the lockdown would continue in Scotland

Speaking at her daily press conference, Ms Sturgeon warned ending it too soon would be “catastrophic” as it was claimed Britain could ease restrictions as soon as Monday.

She said:“The other possible changes reported in the media today – such as encouraging more people back to work now or opening beer gardens or encouraging more use of public transport – would not, in my judgement, be safe for us to make yet.

“And I believe that for us to drop the clear, well understood ‘Stay at Home’ message right now could be a potentially catastrophic mistake.”

Boris Johnson had been tipped to ditch Britain’s “Stay at Home” message as he prepares to ease the UK’s lockdown measures on Monday.

The PM will address the nation on Sunday with a roadmap for how to tweak the current lockdown measures, some of which may come into effect the very next day.

The Scottish leader insisted all the evidence pointed towards having to continue with the same rules.

She explained: “Our assessment of the evidence leads me to conclude that the lockdown must be extended at this stage.

“We know that progress remains fragile, our estimates suggest there are still significant amounts of people in Scotland infected with this virus.

“Any significant easing of restrictions at this stage would be very very risky indeed.”

In a dig at Mr Johnson, the SNP leader also insisted she will “not be pressured” into lifting restrictions early.

She said: If the PM wants to decide to move at a faster rate than Scotland that is his right.

“I hope you understand and agree that I must make judgements informed by the evidence that are right and safe for Scotland.

“I will not be pressured into lifting restrictions prematurely.”


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