Nigel Farage insists he can HELP Boris Johnson get a majority by hoovering up betrayed Labour voters


NIGEL Farage has claimed he can HELP Boris Johnson get an election majority by hoovering up support from betrayed Labour voters.

The Brexit Party boss – who yesterday revealed he would not be standing to be an MP in the upcoming election – said today he wasn’t targeting Tory voters.

Nigel Farage said he was aiming for Labour voters, not Tory ones

He told Good Morning Britain that he would “hurt the Labour Party in the most extraordinary way” as they had been “betrayed” by the party.

“They are my number one target,” he said. “I got those votes in 2015, I’ll do it again.”

And he defended his decision not to go for a seat, saying he wanted to spend more time campaigning nationwide.

The Brexit Party boss said: “If I can help get enough Brexit Party MPs into Parliament, Ive done my job.”

He insisted that in 2015 his former party, Ukip, took more votes from Labour and allowed David Cameron to get an unexpected majority.

“I led UKIP into the 2015 General Election. I had all the same stuff, all the same arguments. The Tory tribe screaming and shouting, Dont take our votes.

“The UKIP vote took more votes from Labour than it did from the Conservatives, [David] Cameron wouldnt have even got a majority without UKIP.”

“We now have a General Election and a chance to start again, what Im saying is take the opportunity.”

Farage insisted: “Im going to take Labour votes. I did it last time, why not again?”

Mr Farage mocked Tories for backing Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal like “good little boys” – after Steve Baker attacked him last night.

He accused the Brexit Party leader of setting out to create a hung parliament after he revealed he was planning to contest 600 seats in the election.

Instead Mr Farage said he wanted his party to hold the balance of power if there was a hung Parliament.

He said: “Actually if the Brexit Party get a reasonable amount of people in there, they could exert a great influence.

“Mrs May was kept in power by ten DUP MPs.”

Later today Mr Farage will formally reveal his party’s 600 candidates ready for the election.

It comes after Donald Trump encouraged Boris and Farage to work together, saying they would be unstoppable force if they teamed up.

But the PM has refused to do a deal with the Brexit Party ahead of the December 12 poll.

Boris Johnson has rejected calls for a pact with Farage

Tories fear Mr Farage’s party will swoop up votes from people who would normally vote Conservative but feel angry Boris failed to deliver Brexit on October 31.

They are urging him not to stand, saying he will stop Brexit from happening at all.

Work and Pensions Secretary Therese Coffey said this morning: “Nigel Farage risks being the man who threw away Brexit when it is there to be done.”

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