Nigel Farage says hed rather have another extension and election than back Boris dreadful deal


NIGEL Farage said hed rather have another election that back Boris Johnsons dreadful Brexit deal.

The Brexit Party boss has slammed the proposals after Mr Johnson hailed his great agreement this morning.

Nigel Farage said hed rather have another election that back Boris Johnsons dreadful Brexit deal


Mr Johnson brokered the deal with EU chiefs before jetting off to Brussels for a crunch summit this afternoon.

Brexiteer Mr Farage who once offered to form an election pact with Mr Johnson said today: It [the deal] binds us into so many other commitments on foreign policy, military policy – a list as long as your arm, and I frankly think it should be rejected.

“Would I rather accept a new European treaty that is, frankly, very bad for us, or would I prefer to have an extension, and a general election?

I would always go for the latter option.

I genuinely believe that a clean break and being able to be competitive is the absolute key to our future economic success. We cannot do that with this new treaty.”

Announcing the breakthrough this morning, Mr Johnson hailed his “great” deal and said it “takes back control”.

He added: “Now Parliament should get Brexit done on Saturday so we can move on to other priorities like the cost of living, the NHS, violent crime and our environment.”

But the PM now faces a Commons showdown on Saturday to get MPs to vote his deal over the line.

The DUP – seen as Mr Johnson’s key allies in the Commons – has refused to back the proposals said it “drives a coach and horses through the professed sanctity of the Belfast Agreement.”

The PM will have to rely on Tory hard-line Eurosceptics and Labour Brexiteers if he has any chance of getting through the House.


If Mr Johnson gets his deal approved on Saturday – at the first time of asking – he will achieve something that former PM Theresa May tried and failed to do three times.

But if he is unsuccessful, the next step could be to call an election.

However, this would need the backing of Labour and Jeremy Corbyn would only do so if the option of a second Brexit referendum was guaranteed.

The Tories are currently thrashing Labour in the polls – but the threat from Brexit party could be a real danger to the PM with candidates fighting for votes in Leave constituencies.

While the Lib Dems could agree pacts in Remain constituencies to ensure Boris is trounced in an election.

Speaking last month Mr Farage warned the Tories: Together we would be unstoppable, rout the Remainers and deliver a large Brexit majority in Parliament. If Boris seizes the opportunity, he can be a hero.

Boris Johnson called his new Brexit deal ‘great’ and said it took back ‘control’


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