Nigel Farage thinks Boris Johnson will WIN December 12 election with a small majority


NIGEL Farage has predicted Boris Johnson will win the election with a small majority.

The Brexit Party boss also thinks it will be a low turnout in the December 12 poll as all of the main parties are so uninspiring for Britain.

Farage thinks Boris will get a small majority at the election

Speaking on a visit to Peterborough today he said: “It will be a low turnout, unless parties like us can inspire people to go out and vote for change.

“It does look like Boris will be the biggest party, it does look like he will get a small majority.”

The Brexit Party boss denied his group would split the Leave vote with the Tories and allow Labour candidates to get into Parliament.

He said that “so many” Tories can’t understand that Labour voters are very Eurosceptic in places, and he had a huge chance to steal millions of their votes.

“Labour voters believe in these things, sometimes more strongly than the Conservative party,” he said.


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