Now Labour claims Jeremy Corbyn watches Queens Christmas speech in the morning on catch up BEFORE its aired


LABOUR’s Angela Rayner today claimed Jeremy Corbyn might watch the Queen’s Christmas Day speech on catch-up.

The shadow education secretary tried to defend the Labour boss, after he was caught out yesterday pretending he watched Her Majesty’s annual address to the nation – but said he had it on in the morning.

Angela Rayner tried to defend Jeremy Corbyn this morning
The Shadow Education Secretary claimed he could watch it on catch-up

Mr Corbyn told ITV’s Tonight yesterday whether he watched the speech on Christmas Day: “It’s on in the morning, usually we have it on… some of the time.”

But ITV presenter Julie Etchingham pointed out that the traditional address doesn’t take place until 3pm on Christmas Day.

He claimed he meant to say “when it’s repeated… in the afternoon”.

But Julie hit back: “You don’t watch it do you Mr Corbyn?”

Today Ms Rayner said: “He might watch it on catch-up – some of us.

“Some of us have dinner at different times. This is clutching at straws.

“If Jeremy Corbyn watches it on catch-up, that’s fine.”

Good Morning Britain hosts stressed that he was asked what he did on Christmas Day itself, and replied with watching the speech in the morning – which wouldn’t be possible on catch up.

She added: “I don’t know, I’m not with Jeremy Corbyn on Christmas day – I’m with my own family.”

Mr Corbyn claimed there was “lots to do” on the day with family and friends.

And he also revealed he visits a homeless shelter on December 25 too.

And he added: “We don’t watch television very much on Christmas Day.

“Maybe a film in the evening.”

The leftie boss claimed he would like to “do a bit of exercise on Christmas morning” to start the day.

But he was slammed by opponents for trying to hide the fact he did not appear to watch it.

Mr Corbyn will appear on The Leader Interviews: Jeremy Corbyn Tonight ITV 7.30pm, Thursday (Dec 5).

Mr Corbyn claimed he did watch the Queen’s Speech when quizzed
Jeremy Corbyn said he watched the Queen’s Speech ‘in the morning’ – but it’s not on until 3pm

It comes after a top pollster warned that Mr Corbyn goes down like a“plate of warm sick” in traditional Labour areas that voted for Brexit.

“Jeremy Corbyn is a phenomenon whose popularity seems confined to university graduates, in particular in the south of England,” the chairman of polling firm Savanta ComRes, Andrew Hawkins, said in an interview with HOAR.


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