Over 100 Tory MPs demand Labour leader Keir Starmer takes action over Angela Rayner’s ‘scum’ remark


MORE than 100 Tory MPs have written to Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer demanding he take action over Angela Rayner’s incendiary comments in the House of Commons.

They said dozens of MPs have been threatened, had graffiti daubed in their constituencies or were abused online after Deputy Leader Angela Rayner called Chris Clarkson “scum” during a debate this week.

Tory MPs say they have been abused after Angela Rayner used the word ‘scum’ in Parliament

Tory MPs have called on Sir Keir Starmer to take action against Rayner

Senior Tories are calling on a public apology from Sir Keir and the promise of stronger action against Ms Rayner if she uses “unparliamentary” language again.

After the row, the phrase “Tory Scum” trended on twitter, and MP’s offices were targeted with abusive phone calls.

Tory MP Shaun Bailey’s mother received abuse with a member of the public copying the language of Rayner over the telephone.

Minister Chloe Smith has been targeted locally with graffiti calling her Tory Scum.

Caroline Johnson and others have received emails and social media abuse claiming they are “Tory scum.”

The party say several MPs have received death threats and their staffers have been targeted with abusive phone calls.

The letter is signed by Amanda Milling MP, Co-Chairman of the Conservative and 111 other MPs, which says: “We respectfully ask you to take action, reaffirming your commitment to working constructively, asking Labour MPs and party members to act appropriately at all times, taking action against those who perpetrate this unacceptable abuse online and offline, and publicly apologise for Angela Rayner’s record of unparliamentary behaviour.”

Ms Milling MP said:“The language used by a senior member of the Labour Party this week is totally unacceptable and shown that language used has consequences.

“As elected representatives we have a duty to lead by example and I would urge Sir Keir Starmer to take action and work constructively with the Government rather than sow division.”

Labour sources said Ms Rayner apologised for her remarks during the week.

They added that Chris Clarkson twice accused Ms Rayner and the Labour Party of “opportunism” despite the deputy Leader opening the debate on coronavirus by thanking staff at a hospital who cared for her aunt, who died of Coronavirus last week.

Chris Clarkson MP was stunned to be insulted by Labour deputy Rayner

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