Personalised journey planner will help millions of rail passengers to avoid crowds


MILLIONS of rail passengers will use a personalised journey planner to avoid crowds on their commute.

The app, announced by Transport Secretary Grant Shapps, will attempt to aid social distancing by staggering journeys.

A personalised journey planner will help millions of rail passengers to avoid crowds

Different routes will be suggested as lockdown measures are relaxed and more people head back to work. Warnings about crowding or disruption will be sent via the app or directly through WhatsApp or WeChat.

Customers will also be able to check journeys on their Alexa smartspeaker before heading off.

The service has been piloted for a year by National Rail through its Passenger Connect service.

It has been developed by UK tech start-up ZipAbout, which can also feed customers weather warnings.

Ministers have also announced a further £283million to increase the number of bus, tram and light rail services across the country. They want the extra capacity to help people to get to work or make essential trips to the supermarket more easily and quickly.

Meanwhile, plans will also allow motorists to finish their journey sooner and complete their trip by walking or cycling.

Town Halls will share £225million to create pop-up and permanent cycle lanes by reallocating road space.

Mr Shapps said on Saturday: “People across the country are all sharing the same public-spirited approach to tackling the spread of this virus and keeping others safe.”

The new app was announced by the Transport Secretary Grant Shapps

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