Piers Morgan screams ‘how dare you’ in furious coronavirus Good Morning Britain row with Matt Hancock


The Good Morning Britain host tore into the Cabinet Minister after a heated debate over the Government’s approach to handling the coronavirus crisis.

Piers Morgan ranted angrily at Health Secretary Matt Hancock over the UK’s response to the coronavirus crisis
The Health Secretary was unhappy with the questions

In an angry interview, the firebrand presenter accused Mr Hancock of not taking the issue seriously.

Speaking about coronavirus measures, Mr Morgan demanded to know why people were not yet banned from going out.

He said: “They need clear direction these people because they are too stupid to do the right thing themselves.

“Every day we are not locking down properly as a country we are putting the health workers you talk about at greater risk.

“It’s costing lives and we all agree that, you agree that, the PM keeps saying it will cost lives, why is he not mandating it, why is he not locking down the country?”

The argument came after hordes of Brits flocked to parks and beaches around the country, ignoring the PM’s advice to stay home to save lives.

Boris Johnson warned a more restrictive lockdown could be on the cards if people aren’t following the guidance.

Mr Hancock tried to calm the furious host saying “I know you’ve got frustrations”, only to be interrupted.

Piers shouted back: “I’ve got more than frustrations to be frank with you, I’m seeing an NHS getting run over, morons all over the streets ignoring the friendly advice of our Prime Minister, and I am seeing the leader of this country refusing to take draconian measures to lockdown the country when virtually everywhere else has done so.”

Mr Hancock insisted the strategy had been “the same all along”, prompting the spat to bubble over.

Piers said: “Your strategy has not been the same all along.

“We know that herd immunity was the strategy for the next two weeks then dramatically it changed to completely the opposite.

“Please don’t insult my intelligence by telling me we’ve followed the same strategy, we haven’t.”

After being continuously questioned about the claims, Mr Hancock responded:”As Health Secretary I am working every hour that there is to protect people and the tittle tattle you get into.”

Slapping the comments down, Piers shouted: “Tittle tattle, really? How dare you!

“I know you’re finding this irritating or whatever it is that’s making you shake your head.”

The Health Secretary refused to budge, insisting: “Well it’s very hard to talk to you.

“I’m not going to go into the tittle tattle that you’re talking about.”

Families stroll along the beach at Lyme Regis on a beautiful sunny Mother’s Day

 Richmond Park was full of cyclists and runners on Sunday despite pleas to keep socially distanced were ignored
Richmond Park was full of cyclists and runners on Sunday despite pleas to keep socially distanced were ignored
Cops were called to Richmond Park in London after hundreds of people descended on the green space

It came as:

  • An 18-year-old was thought to have become the youngest victim of the virus in Britain as the number of deaths in the UK rose to 335 today
  • There are growing fears that Britain is on a similar trajectory to Italy – scene of the world’s worst outbreak – where the death toll passed 5,000 over the weekend
  • The PM warned the NHS could be “overwhelmed” in the same way as the Italian healthcare system has been, if the spread of the virus in the UK is not curbed
  • Trains were taken under government control this morning – with Brits able to get a refund on unused season tickets
  • All McDonalds branches will be closed from tonight – along with Nando’s, Costa Coffee, John Lewis, Primark and Timpson
  • Ministers will bring forward emergency laws to the Commons tonight giving the PM sweeping powers to fine people who don’t isolate

On Friday night, the PM ordered pubs and restaurants to close as part of efforts to encourage people to stay at home to fight the spread of Covid-19.

However many have remained open for takeaway service, leading to queues and groups of people sitting at cafes with outdoor tables.



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