Piers Morgan vows to destroy Alastair Campbell in boxing fight to the death after The Sun challenged pair to debate


PIERS Morgan vowed to destroy Alastair Campbell in a boxing fight to the death today – after HOAR challenged the pair.

In an exclusive interview with us yesterday, Tony Blair’s former spindoctor said he’d be up for a match for charity, and insisted he would win.

Piers Morgan vowed to destroy Alastair Campbell in a boxing match to the death

The diehard Remainer told HOAR Online: “I’d train hard for it, and he’d lose.”

But Piers hit back today on his Good Morning Britain show on ITV.

He joked: “Alright sunshine!”

The pair have long had a rivalry.

Susanna quipped in: “He doesn’t look excited about it!”

Piers went on: “No, panic in his eyes as he knew he’s have to be weak if he said no, but he knew I’d also destroy him.

He said the pair could “set it up at Wembley stadium, me v Campbell, a fight to the death” and raise money for needy causes.

“We guarantee, everyone who buys a ticket, one of us will die in the ring!”

Riled fans took to Twitter to call for the debate.

“Let’s get this sorted, a charity vowing match next year,” one person said.

“4×2 minute rounds. Not that Piers Morgan will need that long, he’d get done in the opening round.”

Piers Morgan said he would win such a fight
Alastair Campbell said he’d probably win against Piers Morgan in a boxing match

Another said: “Please make this happen! It would be great to see Campbell take a long, drawn out pasting.”

But some viewers weren’t as impressed.

One joked: “No point, if Alastair loses, he will just refuse to accept the result anyway.”


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