Pornhub makes all premium content FREE to Spanish and French citizens in coronavirus lockdown but NOT Brits


PORNHUB has announced its premium content is now free to users in Spain and France to get them through the coronavirus quarantine – but made no mention of the same deal being offered to Brits. 

The move follows a similar offer made to users in Italy – Europe’s worst-hit country – after authorities announced a countrywide lockdown earlier this month.

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Pornhub has announced its premium content will be free to users in Spain and France during the coronavirus outbreak

Announcing the decision, PornHub Spain told users: ‘Come on, Spain!’

The company encouraged France to be courageous during the outbreak

The French government yesterday imposed new measures aimed at tackling the epidemic, including a ban on people leaving their homes unless to get food or medical supplies.

The new restrictions include bans on large gatherings, and mirror similar measures introduced in Spain.

In a statement about the decision, Pornhub Spain said: “In light of the growing number of quarantines, we are offering Pornhub Premium for free to all our friends in Spain!

“Pornhub will also donate this month’s sales from [associated website] Modelhub.

“Vamos Espana!”

Announcing the decision in France, the company added: “Have courage, France!”

Pornhub is the world’s biggest porn site, with some 42 billion visit per year, or 115 million per day.

The company has also said that all its performers are taking the measures necessary to remain healthy and safe.

Announce the measures in a 20-minute televised speech on Monday, President Emmanuel Macron said France was “at war”.

“Never has France had to take such decisions, albeit temporary, in time of peace,” he said.

“All our energy should be on one aim: to slow the progress of the virus.”

Regular television channels in France, including premium satellite channel Canal+, have also made their paid content free.

Newspapers including Le Monde and Le Figaro have similarly made their content free during the outbreak.

Media companies around the world have also removed their paywall on content relating to the coronavirus to allow customers to stay informed and follow the latest advice.

Britain continues to impose less draconian restrictions on movement than elsewhere, but the government began encouraging people to work form home if possible, avoid gathering in public, and isolate themselves if they or someone in their household are displaying symptoms.

Today saw the number of people infected by the coronavirus globally pass 200,000 and the numbers of death pass 8,000.


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