Queens Speech: Boris Johnson will enshrine in law 34billion spending commitment on health service


BORIS Johnson has taken the bold step of writing his massive NHS spending promise into law.

It was among a bonanza of new laws to beef up Britains NHS packed into the Queens Speech.

Boris Johnson has made his NHS spending a legal requirement

A triumphant Mr Johnson took the unprecedented step of enshrining his promise in law to shore up any doubters that he was determined to strengthen the health service.

The move, announced last week, was a cornerstone of the policy promises made in the Queen’s Speech this morning.

It is the first time any government has made a spending promise a legal requirement.

The sweeping requirement will mean Mr Johnson will have a legal duty to provide 33.9 billion for the NHS by 2023-4.

Mr Johnson’s government will also restore bursaries for nurses, which were cut under George Osborne, and drove much needed workers away from the profession.

Nurses entering the profession in September 2020 will receive between 5000 and 8000 in grants.

The government has also promised 50,000 extra nurses, including keeping 19,000 nurses already with the NHS.

The PM is also creating a new fast-track NHS visa so the worlds best doctors can come and work in Britain.

Boris Johnson made the promise in the Queens Speech

The PM will also set up the worlds first independent body to investigate patient safety as part of his mission to never let another Mid Staffs scandal happen again.

While another new law to slash red tape around clinical drug trials and make it simpler for the NHS to manufacture its own medicines.

After taking Labour seats that had not voted Tory in 100 years – if ever – Mr Johnson seeks to keep the trust of those that lent him his vote and bolster the “blue wall” of Tory seats.

The NHS was a key battleground during the election campaign, as both leaders made domestic promises for life in Britain after Brexit.


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