Question Time: Under 30s special When is it on TV and which politicians are on the panel?


THE Question Time: Under 30s Special is airing soon, and will feature an audience of under 30s quizzing representatives from all seven political parties.

Here’s everything you need to know.

The special will air on December 9 (file photo)

When is it on?

The special will air on December 9, on BBC One at 8.30 pm.

It runs for one-and-a-half hours.

The special following it will be the Question Time Election Special – the Result.

What is the Question Time: Under 30s Special?

According to the BBC One website, the Question Time: under 30s Special sees an audience of Under 30s quiz politicians.

The panel will be comprised of “politicians representing all seven parties.”

According to the host, Emma Barnett: “Young voters and their needs should not be forgotten about by the party leaders this election. From the cost of living, to job opportunities, education, housing, Brexit and beyond.

“This special programme will seek answers to these burning questions from an important but often overlooked perspective.

“These people are at the beginning of their voting career and this election will be generation defining.”

Politicians representing all seven parties will be on the panel

Which politicians are taking part?

The BBC haven’t yet confirmed which politicians will be taking part – but the panel will feature one politician from each party.

The BBC’s flagship political panel show has seen a multitude of politician’s grace its panel.

From Nick Griffin to Diane Abbot to David Cameron to Nick Clegg – chances are if you’ve heard of them, they’ve featured on the panel at least once.

Jeremy Corbyn on BBC Ones Question Time

Who is the Question Time: Under 30s Special host, Emma Barnett?

Emma Barnett, 34, is a presenter for BBC Radio 5 Live, Radio Four’s Woman’s Hour and BBC One’s Sunday Morning Live.

Since March, Emma has been a regular presenter on BBC Two’s Newsnight.

She is also a columnist for HOARday Times and former Digital Media and Women Editor for The Daily Telegraph.

She was born in Manchester, and is from an Orthodox Jewish background, although she doesn’t practice and has previously described herself as “a Jew in disguise.”

She is an award winning journalist and broadcaster.

Emma Barnett, award winning journalist, will be hosting the show


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