Remainer candidates in cross-party pact to try and deny Boris Johnson an election majority


REMNAINER candidates are drawing up a secret pact to try and deny Boris Johnson an election majority.

The Liberal Democrats, Greens and Plaid Cymru are in talks to try and ensure there’s just one pro-Remain candidate in their area, to give them the best chance of beating the Tories.

Jo Swinson’s Lib Dems are in talks with other parties about a Remain pact

The other parties will stand down to give the person who is most likely to win the best chance.

The Lib Dems have already agreed to step aside in the Isle of Wight and are expected to do so in Brighton Pavillion – where the Greens already hold the seat.

The Sunday Times claimed pacts could be made in up to 60 seats across the country.

That would ramp up pressure on Boris Johnson to do the same with Nigel Farage to ensure the Leave vote is not split.

In by-elections earlier this year the Brexit Party stole votes off the Tories and allowed Labour candidates to win.

Jo Swinson, Lib Dem boss, confirmed the talks were ongoing today.

She told Sky’s Sophy Ridge: “Weve been having those discussions because there are people in these different parties, these are parties that want to stop Brexit

“So I think its fair to say that in the vast majority of constituencies, the party of remain that is going to be best placed to win that seat would be the Liberal Democrats but it is not universally the case.”

Boris Johnson wants a majority so he can push his Brexit deal through

The moves are being coordinated by a group called Unite to Remain, the paper claims – which has a war chest of around 5million to push anti-Brexit candidates in 50 seats.

Boris Johnson is desperately hoping to try and claw back a majority in the upcoming vote so he can push through his Brexit deal before Christmas.

But if Britain votes in a hung Parliament on December 12 he’ll be right back where he started again in a Brexit deadlock.

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