Schools pushing parents to decide TODAY whether they plan to send their kids back to class after half-term


SCHOOLS are pushing parents to decide today whether they plan to send their kids back to class after half-term.

Families now face making a decision on what to do at a time councils all over Britain are refusing to support the plans for schools to go back on June 1.

Schools all over Britain are urging parents to decide now if they are sending their kids back

The government has said it wants primaries to reopen to pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 from next month.

According to The Times, the state schools opening up have now sent letters to parents asking what their decision is.

The move puts extra pressure on families unsure whether it is safe to send their children in.

One north London primary school even told parents that if they answer “no” in the survey to sending their children back, they may not be able to change their mind.

It added: “We will have to check numbers and our risk assessments to ensure we can safely accommodate any new child.”

Another school said that if families had not already replied to the survey, they would have to apply weekly to send their child back.

Most state primaries are controlled by the local authority and 17 councils have said that they would defy the government and not open on June 1.

The Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) will later today release details on why it believes it is safe for these year groups to go back to school.

It comes as an independent group of scientific experts warned schools can’t open safely by June 1.

Former Chief Scientific Adviser and chair of ‘the Independent SAGE’ group, Sir David King has urged the Government to push back the date to reopen the nation’s schools.

The Independent Sage group has slammed the Government for failing to bring in contact tracing faster – saying it could have curbed new infections in just three weeks.

It comes as scientists warned teachers are safe back in class and no more at risk than other key workers.

HOAR understands Sage documents released later today will find teachers will be at no greater risk of catching the virus than any other key workers.

They will show scientists looked at various models for a return to schools, including different year groups and pupil numbers.

And ministers adopted a cautious approach by proposing to only open primaries gradually, beginning with reception, Year 1 and Year 6.


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